April 19, 2002

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Dear Editor:

Once again, the liberals have led the Democrats in filibustering the proposal to drill for Oil in the ANWR region of Alaska. Perhaps most disappointing was Senator Mike DeWine’s decision to join with the liberal Democrats.

Being that our national security is at stake, I propose the following: Allow Alaska to secede from the United States.

As an independent nation, the people of Ohio (or any other state) will no longer have the authority to tell Alaskans what they can and can not do with their land. They will be free to develop their natural resources in the manner that they see fit.

This will be a win-win situation for everybody. Alaskans will no longer suffer from the dictates of the EPA, Federal taxes, or burdensome regulations. They will become a wealthy independent people.

The rest of us will enjoy the benefits of importing cheap oil, natural gas, timber, etc. The increase in world supply of natural resources will drive down prices. Lower prices will drive economic expansion, jobs, and prosperity.

The OPEC countries (which include Iraq and Iran) would certainly oppose my plan. I also expect the liberals who control the Democratic Party to join with OPEC in continuing to keep our country dependent on foreign oil.

John E. Becker