January 10, 1995

Press Community Newspapers

Dear Editor:

Ohio has a state law that establishes a “drug free zone” around schools. It’s a great idea. Additionally, I would like to see the Ohio legislature establish “condom free zones.”

Yes it’s true. We have condom pushers right here in Clermont County. The sociopathic Planned Parenthood organization (the world’s most aggressive killer of unborn babies) has set up an office practically next door to St. Thomas More Elementary School.

Located at 834 Ohio Pike (on the corner of Shayler Rd. in a strip mall), Planned Parenthood is more than ready, willing, and able to offer all types of birth control devices to any child that foolishly darkens their doorway.

What about abortions you ask? Well, abortions are planned parenthood’s cash cow (chief source of revenue) and their primary purpose for being in business. Without them, the organization could not prosper. Keep in mind that any child of any age can obtain these “services” without parental knowledge.

To my knowledge, abortions are not yet being performed at this location. Young mothers are sent to their abortuary in Mt. Auburn. This is where two victims are cast on their heap of statistics. One victim is the dead baby. The other is the wounded mother of her dead baby.

Often times, the young woman’s next stop is at a pro-life organization for treatment of post-abortion stress syndrome. This is where she will find the kind of help that she really needs.

Perhaps the establishment of a “condom free zone” (of several miles) will help to reduce the number of abortions to something less than the current 4,000 every day in this country. Now that republicans own the Ohio state house, they have no excuse for not acting.

Let’s not forget to pray for the family’s of those 4,000 babies that are legally killed each day in this country. Also, all of those involved in the abortion industry as well as the family’s of the recently murdered abortionists need our prayers. The violence both inside and outside the abortuaries must stop. May God have mercy on their souls. May He forgive us for not doing more to stop the carnage.

John E. Becker