March 8, 1999                         

Dear Governor Taft:

             Thank you for your response letter dated March 1. It is regarding the proposed legislation to allow Ohioans the right to carry concealed weapons.

             I am concerned that you do not appreciate the positive effects that this type of legislation has had in other states: Crime has dropped. Why? Because criminals take the path of least resistance. They minimize the danger they face just like the rest of us. Simply put Mr. Taft: Gun control only applies to honest citizens.

             Furthermore Mr. Taft, I voted for you primarily for three reasons:

1.      You and your Lt. Governor support the Right to Life

2.      Your campaign people assured me that you support the right to carry concealed weapons

3.      Smaller government and lower taxes

             One of your opponents, Mr. Mitchel, was also strong on these issues. Had I thought that you were going to waffle on any of these issues, I would have voted for Mr. Mitchel. Please donít make me wish that I had.

             Finally Mr. Taft, if you veto (or torpedo) this legislation, I will work to ensure your defeat in all subsequent elections. Please help me to continue to be one of your supporters.


                          John E. Becker