April 23, 1999

Cincinnati Enquirer

Dear Editor:

Laura Pulfer wrote "Are gun lovers ready to face bloody truth?" (April 22, 1999). As usual, she assumed the role of apologist for her liberal causes. It is no surprise that liberals would use the Littleton, CO tragedy as another excuse to impose gun control legislation. What laws should we enact next: A five-day waiting period on propane? Or gasoline? Or BMWs?

Do these liberals ever consider the facts regarding gun control? Is it not obvious that an unarmed citizenry is vulnerable to attack by anyone carrying a bigger stick? Do they not know that crime rates drop when citizens are granted the right to carry concealed weapons? Why do cities with the strictest gun control laws (such as Washington, DC) have the highest crime rates?

Gun control only applies to honest citizens. Criminals desire gun control because it makes their lives easier. They don't have to worry about getting shot while committing rapes and robberies. Criminals will always be armed. Honest citizens need to level the playing field to have a fighting chance against them.

Do you remember the Luby's Cafeteria massacre that occurred a few years ago in Texas? A woman who normally carried a gun in her purse left it in her car on that fateful day. She did this out of respect for her parents' wishes. Her parents along with many others died that day. She now has to live with that bad decision. Without her gun she was nothing more than a sheep awaiting slaughter. She was helpless to protect herself and her family.

I can't help but wonder how many lives might have been saved in Colorado, if they had allowed the adults the right to defend themselves.

John E. Becker