July 8, 1998

Community Journal

Dear Editor:

In Chester Pike’s recent column (Truth is on the side of Christians, July 8, 1998), he defended himself against Gary Young’s rabid attacks. Mr. Pike doesn’t need me to defend him. (He does quite well on his own.) However, I would like to add to his comments.

Mr. Pike mentioned that he hates the socially destructive behavior of some people. He also pointed out that as a Christian, he loves all people.

Many liberals love to peg conservative Bible believing Christians as hate mongers. Good Christians attempt to live Christ-like lives. If Christians are hate mongers, it would therefore be fair to ask: Is God a hate monger?

God clearly hates evil. And He instructs us to do the same. I stand with Chester Pike, conservative Bible believing Christians, and yes, even God, in hating evil. However, as Mr. Pike points out, we must love all people.

John E. Becker