June 18, 2003

Cincinnati Enquirer


The Enquirer editorial staff got it wrong in the June 17 edition: "Child tax credits; Just do it; But don't call it a tax cut." They stated that "…giving money back to most of America, but not giving any to the working poor … is a bad idea, both morally and politically."

A bad idea morally?

Fortunately, the editorial staff understands that you can't give tax credits to people who don't pay taxes. They are therefore endorsing a welfare payment.

Does the editorial staff understand that tax rebates are a return of taxpayer's money to the people who paid them? And welfare payments can only result from the forcible confiscation of other people's money?

How is it moral to forcibly take money from those who earned it and give it to those who did not? The government should use tax credits to encourage us to contribute more to United Way, the Red Cross and other organizations that can give the poor the help that they need.

The government should not force us to be "moral" by taking our money.

John E. Becker