February 16, 1995

Press Community Newspapers

Dear Editor:

Cindy Cromwell, from Planned Parenthood, asked a number of very good questions in her letter to the editor (Feb. 1). I’m very pleased that she opted to join the public debate over abortions and birth control. Ms. Cromwell’s position is that access to birth control reduces the “need” for abortions. On the surface, this argument appears to be valid. However, several questions deserve consideration.

Why have teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) soared since the introduction of sex education in the 1960’s? (This is also when the Supreme Court wrongly declared God illegal within the public schools.)

Why does Planned Parenthood take legal action (successfully) to stop the teaching of abstinence in the schools? Why does Planned Parenthood fight so hard to oppose parental notification laws and 24 hour waiting periods for abortions?

Why does Planned Parenthood oppose laws that require a doctor to perform abortions? Why does Planned Parenthood attack the pro-life pregnancy crisis centers and adoption services? Why does this abominable organization support and finance (with our tax dollars) the forced abortion policy in China?

When searching for answers, it’s always a safe bet to follow the money trail. Planned Parenthood’s biggest fear is abstinence. If kids stop having sex, Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry would be struck a fatal blow.

This is why I refer to Planned Parenthood as the “condom pushers.” Their objective is clear. They encourage (and profit from) sexual activity by providing all kinds of birth control. The increase in sexual activity results in an increase in unwanted pregnancies. These unwanted pregnancies drive the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood’s profit margins.

A former abortionist (Carol Everett) has testified to the fact that organizations such as Planned Parenthood will prescribe birth control pills in low dosages. The girls are told that they can then have “safe sex.” They will typically return a few months later for an abortion or treatment for a STD or both. The money comes in the front door. The dead baby and the wounded mother are then tossed out of the back door.

Is it just a coincidence that Planned Parenthood has set up shop practically next door to St. Thomas More Elementary School?

John E. Becker