April 12, 1995


Press Community Newspapers

Chester Pike has once again hit the nail on the head. His editorial (“Punishment must fit the crime” – April 12, 1995) spoke of several murders of children both here in Clermont County and nationwide. He specifically mentioned the eight-year-old Jerry Howell who was apparently killed by his mother, Rhonda Brown. There have been other recent high profile cases such as the mother who threw her children off a bridge. Pike also mentioned Susan Smith, in South Carolina, who drowned her 3- and 5-year old sons in her car.

Pike tied these murders (as well as infants being dumped into trash cans) into the abortion debate — the devaluing of human life. It appears that these murderous mothers are all pro-choice. Everyone knows that it is legal to kill babies. The only variable is age. If Rhonda Brown had killed her son eight years ago (before birth), it would have gone unnoticed by the public and applauded by many liberals and other sociopaths.

These mothers apparently don’t see any difference in killing their children immediately after conception, at either end of the birth canal, or at age eight. And frankly, neither do I. Why is it legal to kill innocent babies before birth, but not after birth — or as teenagers? These mothers are pro-choice. They just waited too long and violated a legal technicality. Their children were already born.

The facts are that every woman that gets pregnant has a baby. Tragically, many die of natural causes (e.g., miscarriages). 33 percent die from abortion (legal killing). And with the grace of God, many are live births. Everybody you know who is age 22 and younger are the survivors of the abortion holocaust. One third of their friends and potential spouses were legally killed in the abortion chambers.

May God forgive us all for allowing this dark time in our nation’s history to continue.

John E. Becker