February 23, 2009

The Community Journal

Dear Editor:

After hearing a number of complaints and concerns regarding the government of Union Township, I decided to attend their February 10th meeting. What I found was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for.

The Trustees voted to put all meeting minutes and other public documents on the township web site. They also voted to double their public meetings to every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Additionally, Trustee Donnellon, outlined and explained in simple terms, the Ivy Point complex and how the investment has benefited all parties involved including Union Township. (This movement toward openness and full disclosure is in addition to several reforms that they have instituted over the last several months to prevent improprieties and better control expenses.)

Several citizens addressed the Trustees on various issues. Every concern was publically discussed with the person in a respectful and professional manner.

Broad conclusions canít be drawn from attending one meeting, but first impressions are drawn. Frankly, Iím impressed. My confidence in our Trustees has been restored. I intend to continue attending their meetings and I encourage others to do the same. Public scrutiny is always a good thing.

John E. Becker