April 19, 2002

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Dear Editor:

I read with horror the Peter Bronson article “What was the excuse this time?” in the April 19, 2002 edition. It was a clear reminder of last year’s riots and why the general public should have the right-to-carry concealed weapons.

Unfortunately, working downtown can be dangerous, especially for those who must drive Vine Street to get home.

Having to park downtown is also a safety concern. One of my colleagues has had her car broken into three times at the stadium. One night the thug was still in it while she approached!

The criminals may or may not be armed without regard to any gun control laws. Fortunately, we are allowed (for now) to carry concealed weapons in Hamilton County. The Vine Street incident is yet another reminder as to why it is necessary.

The “Wild West” shootouts have not happened here or in the 43 states with right-to-carry laws. In fact, a direct negative correlation has been proven between violent crime and guns. That is, the more guns in the hands of the general public -- the lower the crime rates.

Governor Taft has continued to stand in the way of safety and security for the people of Ohio. If he continues to refuse to comply with his campaign promise to support right-to-carry legislation, then the citizens will have to file suit in the other 87 counties to restore our Constitutional right to bear arms.

John E. Becker