June 10, 2003

Cincinnati Enquirer


Why did I vote Republican?

Our representatives in Columbus are poised to increase our sales tax by 20%, hiking the rate from 5% to 6%. This will be in addition to the various county rates that we endure. Therefore, our sales tax burden will soon be 7% in Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren Counties. They will be taking this additional money from us to boost spending by 11%. Extrapolating the data from the Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research, this tax hike will cost Ohio over 100,000 jobs.

And if that's not bad enough, our representatives in Washington want to enact a so-called child income tax credit for people who do not pay income taxes. Why don't they be honest and simply call the bill "The Welfare Expansion Act of 2003"?

If I wanted higher taxes, bigger government, and transfers of wealth, I would have voted for Democrats. So I'll ask the question again: Why did I vote Republican?

John E. Becker