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John Becker
Republican State Committeeman and Candidate for the 2012 Ohio House of Representatives

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The Becker Report
Volume IV, Issue IX
June 28, 2011

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Tim Rudd,
Clermont County GOP Chairman
Paul Hall,
Brown County GOP Chairman
Harty Wallingford, Adams County GOP Chairman
Dr. Terry Johnson,
Scioto County GOP Chairman
Ray “Moose” Dutey, Lawrence County GOP Chairman

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This newsletter is not sanctioned by the GOP, ORP, or any organization, or affiliation. I am fully and solely responsible for its content. Although I strive for accuracy, this is not "The Gospel according to John." Additionally, I don't necessarily try to be "fair and balanced." After all, I didn't get into politics to be a news reporter. My agenda is to influence public policy consistent with Southern Ohio conservative values. For more information on my motivations or how to get involved, see: What is a Central Committee?

Becker Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge
During the June 10th Center-Right Coalition meeting, I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and handed it to Grover Norquist, Americans for tax reform.

Kudos to Jean Schmidt
Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has again been named a Defender of Liberty for 2010 by the American Conservative Union. The Award is given to Members of Congress who scored a perfect 100 percent on issues of concern to grassroots conservatives.

New staff at the Ohio GOP
Welcome to Bruce Tague. He is our new Political Director. Bruce comes to the Ohio GOP most recently from the Council of Governments in Northeast Ohio, where as Executive Director he worked to promote shared services to maximize productivity among local government. Bruce originally hails from the state of New York, where he served as Director of Political Mail and Outreach for the New York Republican Party. In this position Bruce oversaw political mail for elected officials, and directed extensive grassroots mobilization and coalition building across New York State. Bruce received his Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York at Albany, and also studied at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

Who is running for US Senate in 2012?
The following are candidates who have declared, or will likely declare, their candidacy: Captain Rusty Bliss, Kevin Coughlin, Eric Gregory, and Josh Mandel.

Video Central
Eat the Rich (9+ minutes)

A friend of mine who works at a local Kroger store wanted to introduce me to one of her colleagues. He made it clear to me that he doesn’t like Governor Kasich and doesn’t like tax cuts for the rich. “SB5 is bad and Kasich doesn’t do anything to help poor people,” he asserted.
To set the stage, this man was black, in his 40s, a Democrat, and a long-time union member. He is arguably a core constituent of the Democrat Party. He was also very sincere about his position. The conversation continued as follows:
“SB5 may not be perfect legislation, but let’s talk about its purpose. A lot of public sector salaries and benefits are much higher than for similar jobs in the private sector. You and I pay that premium in higher taxes. SB5 aims to correct that disparity and will eventually make public sector compensation competitive with the private sector. That’s why I support it,” I explained.
“That makes sense now that I understand it,” he said.
I continued, “Let’s talk about tax cuts for the so-called rich. I’d like to see the Ohio income tax phased out. Of course that will help the rich. It will help them so much, that they’ll move here, bring their businesses here, and/or expand their existing businesses in Ohio. That means more jobs will get created which will help out the working poor that we both care about. This is also part of the Kasich agenda to create an environment for businesses to thrive and drive economic growth. Would you be willing to support abolishing the Ohio income tax?”
“Yeah, that does sound good,” he responded.
(By this time, I was on a roll.) “I’d also like to see the federal income tax abolished and replaced with a national sales tax. The rich will always pay more taxes than the rest of us. They spend more money.
“Do you remember the millionaires’ tax that was enacted during the Clinton administration? It was a soak the rich scheme. If I’m remembering correctly, it was a federal excise tax on expensive cars and boats. Do you remember what happened? Rich people didn’t like being targeted. In response, they stopped buying expensive cars and boats. A lot of people like you and me lost their jobs. Think of the sales staff, mechanics, and the people who clean cars and boats. The millionaires’ didn’t get screwed. The working class did. It turned out to be a money loser for the federal government and they eventually repealed it.
“Another tax I’d like to see repealed is the corporate income tax. Take Kroger for example. I think they pay a 35 or 40 percent corporate income tax. Who really pays that? You and I do every time we’re at the cash register. That tax is simply passed down to the consumer in the form of higher prices on goods and services. Let’s say that tax got repealed. Kroger would then have a lot more money to expand facilities, hire additional people, reduce prices, and increase salaries. Does that sound like a plan that you’d be willing to support?”
“Yeah, I like that too,” he said.
It appears that I have a new friend. I’m not sure that he’s willing to start voting Republican, but I am sure that he now understands a lot of things that he hadn’t thought about before.

Becker for 2012 Ohio House of Representatives
The 2012 Primary Election is 9 months away and only 7 months until early voting. I’ve raised more than $20,700 and expanded my donor base to over 250 people! Donation size has ranged from $5 to $250. For only $251, YOU could be my largest contributor. All contributions have been from individuals only. I’m Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Limited Government and Lower Taxes. Please see the following brief videos regarding my candidacy:

Introduction (38 seconds)

Second Amendment (36 seconds)

Taxes (49 seconds)

Energy (55 seconds)

Pro-Life (42 seconds)

Creation Science and Evolution (42 sec’s.)

State Government Spending (45 seconds)

Donate (50 seconds)

State Government (37 seconds)


Past Events
June 27, 2011
About 25 people attended the reorganization meeting of the Loveland Republican Club. Brent Zuck was unanimously re-elected as club president. Featured speakers included Jean Schmidt and
Joe Uecker. Other attendees from Clermont County included Ed Humphrey, David Bednar, Jeff Hardin, and Jennifer Black. It was also great to see Debbie Terhar and Mike Wilson.

June 26, 2011
David Uible sent me the following:

The Clermont County Republican Party had their annual summer picnic at the Batavia Township Community Park. Approximately 120 attended, comprised of Central Committee members, family, friends, and candidates. Current office holders who attended were: County Commissioners: Bob Proud, Ed Humphrey, Archie Wilson; State Representatives: Danny Bubp and Joe Uecker; Representative Jean Schmidt, Clerk of Courts Barb Wiedenbein, Treasurer Bob True, Auditor Linda Fraley, Judge Ric Ferenc, Prosecutor Don White, and State Central Committeeman John Becker. Live blue grass music was performed by East Fork Junction.

June 24, 2011
The Republican State Central Committee met in Columbus for our summer meeting. Bea Lyons and John Fairweather were sworn-in to replace Mary Swain and Brian Williams respectively. Paul Hoag's resignation was also announced. His replacement will be determined at the next meeting.
Much of the meeting was spent in executive session discussing SB 5. During regular session, I moved that the Ohio GOP endorse SB 5 and join the defense team. The motion passed unanimously. Info on SB 5 is as follows:,, 10 Myths, and 5 More Myths.
Chairman DeWine outlined a five-point winning strategy for 2012. He also announced that a presidential straw poll will occur at the state dinner in Cleveland. Kay Ayres discussed our endorsement policy. And a screening committee will be formed to consider an endorsement for Ohio Supreme Court. Special guests at the meeting included Judge French and Judge Kennedy.

June 22, 2011
Governor Kasich hosted a conference call to discuss the budget process and to encourage the State Senate to pass it.

June 21, 2011
About 15 people attended the Values Action Team (VAT) meeting in Columbus. Topics of discussion included SB 5, the heartbeat bill, casinos, and more. Afterward, I enjoyed lunch with the ubiquitous Joe Forkin.
My afternoon meeting was a one-on-one with
Matt Huffman. He seemed to be very impressed with my fundraising abilities and the work that I've been doing for the Party. He encouraged me to set up a meeting with Speaker Batchelder during July.

June 20, 2011
Rob Portman hosted a conference call to provide updates on several topics including his jobs plan, national debt, spending cuts, regulatory reform, the bitter DC partisanship, the Lima tank plant, and more. He also mentioned the debt ceiling and compared it to "raising your credit card limit without addressing the underlying problem". A Q&A followed.

June 16, 2011
Joanne Kemmerer and I met with Sharon Kennedy to discuss her qualifications and candidacy for the Ohio Supreme Court. I quizzed Judge Kennedy on the same issues that I had previously quizzed Judge French on. (See June 1st post.) I am pleased to report that Judge Kennedy impressed me as much as Judge French. Voters are in a win-win situation with these two candidates.

June 15, 2011
About 60 people attended the Clermont County Central Committee meeting in Batavia. Special guests included Bruce Tague. He is the new Political Director for the Ohio GOP. He was accompanied by the ubiquitous Joe Forkin. Joe is the Ohio GOP Field Rep. Sharon Kennedy also addressed the crowd. She is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court.

June 10, 2011
State Treasurer Josh Mandel and Grover Norquist, of
Americans for tax reform, were the featured speakers at the Center-Right Coalition meeting. Mr. Norquist discussed several issues including the federal and state budgets. I took the opportunity to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and personally handed it to Mr. Norquist.

June 8, 2011
A conference call was held to discuss the budget process and provide a status update. SB 5 was also discussed. Several helpful web sites were mentioned including:

June 7, 2011
More than 100 people attended the Clermont County Tea Party meeting in Eastgate. The only elected officials I saw was
Don White and Sharon Kennedy. However, several candidates were circulating throughout the crowd including George Pattison, Vince Faris, David Uible, Tina Sanborn, and Lloyd Acres.

June 6, 2011
Jennifer Bond was elected to the position of Secretary at the Union Twp (Clermont County) Central Committee meeting. Jane Brandt announced that 350,000 signatures have been gathered for the Health Care Amendment petitions.
George Pattison, Don White, and Vince Faris addressed the committee.

June 3, 2011
Dave Yost was the featured speaker at the First Friday Luncheon sponsored by Government Strategies Group. He spoke about financial and performance audits. He also presented the advantages of combining counties and/or townships to create efficiencies and reduce costs. Q & A followed. A few of the elected officials in attendance included Joe Uecker, Bill Seitz, Debbie Terhar, and my SCC colleague Christa Criddle.

June 2, 2011
The Frontier Days parade was another great success for the City of Milford. I participated this year with my F150 4x4 Supercrew decked out with magnetic signs and a magnetic mounted lighted sign for the roof. Many thanks to about 15 of my friends who walked with me in the parade. They handed out information as I greeted spectators along the parade route. Also, special thanks to
Joe Uecker for loaning me an inflatable 8-foot tall GOP elephant for the back of my truck. It was a huge attention getter and a big hit.

June 1, 2011
I had a one-on-one meeting with Ohio Supreme Court candidate Judi French. I quizzed her on a number of issues including, obscenity, abortion, gun control, gay rights, education, the size and scope of government, and more. We also talked about her philosophy regarding the US and Ohio Constitution. I’m not sure that I got straight answers on every topic, but I was impressed with her background, credentials, and her commitment to conservative ideals. Additionally, I found her to be a very pleasant person.

June 1, 2011
Mike Jordan emceed the Anderson Twp GOP Club meeting. About 25 people gathered to hear about some of the presidential candidates. Andrew Ciafardini stumped for Tim Pawlenty. Courtney Laginess presented Mitt Romney, and Dan Clark discussed Michelle Bachmann. Other speakers included Tom Brinkman and Tim Kappers.

May 25, 2011
About 30 people attended
George Pattison’s breakfast fundraiser at the Eastgate Holiday Inn. Some of the elected officials that I saw included Matt Beamer, Linda Fraley, Ed Humphrey, Bob Proud, Bob True, and Archie Wilson.

Event Calendar
July 1 - 2
Ohio Christian Alliance is hosting the We the People Convention at the Columbus Convention Center

July 5, 2011
Clermont County Tea Party meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

July 9, 2011
Anderson Twp Tea Party junk sale fundraiser

July 14, 2011
Miami Twp Tea Party meeting at the Civic Center at 7pm

July 16, 2011
Southern Ohio GOP Chairs Assn. meeting in Jackson at 9:30 am

July 22, 2011
State Dinner in Cleveland featuring
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

July 24 – July 30
Clermont County Fair

July 28, 2011
Anderson Twp Tea Party meeting at Anderson High School at 7pm

July 29 – July 31
Anderson Days

August 2, 2011
National Night Out at Veterans Park in Union Twp (Clermont County) at 6pm

August 2, 2011
Clermont County Tea Party meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

August 11, 2011
Miami Twp Tea Party meeting at the Civic Center at 7pm

August 19, 2011
Anderson Twp GOP Club picnic

August 24, 2011
Clermont County Central Committee meeting at HQ in Batavia at 7pm

August 25, 2011
Anderson Twp Tea Party meeting at Anderson High School at 7pm

September 2, 2011
First Friday Luncheon sponsored by
Government Strategies Group at 12pm

September 21, 2011
Clermont County Central Committee meeting at HQ in Batavia at 7pm

October 13, 2011
Evening for Life at the Kolping Center at 5:30/6:30 pm

October 19, 2011
Clermont County Central Committee meeting at HQ in Batavia at 7pm

November 16, 2011
Clermont County Central Committee endorsement meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

August 27 – 30, 2012
Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida

Pro-Life | Pro-Gun | Limited Government | Lower Taxes

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