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925 Locust Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245-1313

John Becker
Republican State Committeeman and Candidate for the 2012 Ohio House of Representatives

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The Becker Report
Volume IV, Issue XVI
January 2012

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Becker Announces January 30th Fundraising Event
John Becker for State Representative fundraiser at Eastgate Receptions from 5pm to 8pm for $100 per person. RSVP by January 22nd to or call 513-753-6440.

Speaker Bill Batchelder Endorses John Becker
This is the highest level and most exciting endorsement that I have ever had. This is especially momentous because he has never done this before. I am the first ever candidate, in an open and contested primary, to be endorsed by Ohio House of Representatives Speaker Batchelder!

Other New Endorsements
It is unanimous! I am now endorsed by all 15 trustees in Goshen, Miami, Stonelick, Union, and Wayne Townships. Those are the five townships in the 65th House District. Milford City Councilman, Jeff Lykins, has endorsed my candidacy. I’ve also earned the Buckeye Firearms endorsement with an "A" rating, Cincinnati Right to Life PAC and the Weapons of Mass Discussion endorsement.

My additional endorsements for the 65th State Representative District include:
Ohio Right to Life PAC
Clermont Post
Ohio Gun PAC
Ohio Pro-Life PAC

Family First PAC: They only endorse candidates who are the most fiscally and socially conservative. I am their first candidate to be endorsed for 2012.
CCV Action PAC: Citizens for Community Values Action only endorses pro-life and pro-family candidates. I am their first candidate to be endorsed for 2012.
Vickie and Phil Burress: He is the president of Citizens for Community Values. (His title is for identification purposes.)
Dr. Jack Willke: He is the founder and president of the International Right to Life Federation, president of the Life Issues Institute, and former president of National Right to Life.
Bill Federer: He is a national speaker, author and historian.
I've also signed the
Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and the No Climate Change Tax Pledge.
Past endorsements for Republican State Committeeman have included Carl Lindner, Ohioans for Concealed Carry, COAST, Ohio Republican Party, Clermont County Republican Party, Union Twp Republican Party, Southern Ohio GOP Chairmen's Association, and other Republican Party leaders.

Becker for the 65th State Representative District
The 2012 Primary Election is 2 months away and early voting begins January 31st. I’ve raised $28,000 and expanded my donor base to more than 300 people in six different states! Donation size has ranged from $1 to $1,000 and has averaged $55. All contributions have been from individuals only. You could donate for FREE! You may know that a $50 per taxpayer dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT (It is $100 on a joint return.) is available every year. The “Ohio political contributions credit” is on line 55 of your Ohio IT 1040. Simply claim it on your state of Ohio tax return and get your money back. Contributions to candidates for State Representative (and other "state offices") qualify for this credit. That is why you will be able to help me, to help you, and have it cost you nothing. I’m Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Limited Government and Lower Taxes. Please see the following brief videos regarding my candidacy:

Introduction (38 seconds)

Second Amendment (36 seconds)

Taxes (49 seconds)

Energy (55 seconds)

Pro-Life (42 seconds)

Creation Science and Evolution (42 sec’s.)

State Government Spending (45 seconds)

Donate (50 seconds)

State Government (37 seconds)


Other Clermont County Races
Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is being challenged by Joe Green (who?), Fred Kundrata (who?), and Brad Wenstrup.
Commissioner Ed Humphrey is now running unopposed.
County Prosecutor Don White is being challenged by Vince Faris.
Clerk of Common Pleas Barb Wiedenbein is being challenged by David Uible.
14th Senate District candidates include Tony Adkins (who?),
Paul Hall, Steve Purtell, and Joe Uecker.
66th State Representative District candidates include
Doug Green, Rick Herron, and Nick Owens.
14th Senate District Republican State Central Committee candidates include: Curt Hartman, Scott Nichols, and Greg Simpson.

Where are these new districts?
The 65th State Representative District consists of Goshen, Miami, Stonelick, Union, and Wayne Twps. It also includes the city of Milford and the City of Loveland that is inside Clermont County. I need your support to win that race.

The 66th State Representative District consists of the balance of Clermont County plus Brown County.

The 90th State Representative District consists of Adams, Scioto, and the Lawrence County townships of Upper and Hamilton.

The 14th State Senate District consists of the above three House Districts. It is Clermont, Brown, Adams, Scioto, and the Lawrence County townships of Upper and Hamilton.

The 2nd Congressional District includes Clermont, Brown, Adams, Highland, Pike, and parts of Hamilton, Scioto, and Ross Counties.

Ohio House Districts
Ohio Senate Districts
Congressional Districts

Hamilton County
A few surprises are worth noting in Hamilton County:
1) In the neighboring 27th State Representative District,
Peter Stautberg is being challenged by former representative Tom Brinkman.
2) In the 29th State Representative District, Lou Blessing III and
Pakkiri Rajagopal are running to replace Lou Blessing, Jr.
3) No endorsements will be considered.

Kudos to Jean Schmidt
Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has been recognized as a “Taxpayer Hero” by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. Schmidt received a rating of 93 percent, which was higher than most other members of the House of Representatives, according to the council.
She also earned a 100 percent rating from
Americans for Prosperity.

Ohio Constitutional Revision Commission
I received the following information from Senator Shannon Jones:

Modeled after the 1970's Ohio Constitutional Revision Commission, the Modernization Commission will recommend constitutional amendments that reflect today's Ohio while ensuring the revisions receive thorough debate.  From the recommendations made by the 1970's Revision Commission, Ohio voters approved fifteen separate constitutional amendments that originated from the recommendations from the Revision Commission.
The Constitutional Modernization Commission is comprised of 32 members.  The twelve members from the General Assembly have been appointed by the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Minority Leader and the House Minority Leader.  The remaining twenty members will be appointed through a majority vote of those 12 legislative members.
If you or someone you know is interested in being a member of the Commission, please submit a cover letter and resume to the offices of Speaker William Batchelder and Representative Vernon Sykes by January 31, 2012.

Family Research Council Presidential Voter guide
The link to the voter guide is here.

The Rumored Perks of Congressional Service
Roll Call Magazine published some information on congressional perks.

It has been hard to let go. The time has now come to pass the torch. I've served as a member of the Republican State Central Committee for nearly eight years. I've made mistakes. But on balance, I feel very good about the contribution I've made to the Republican Party and the voters of Southern Ohio. After the March primary election, you might start receiving the Hartman Herald, the Nichols News, or the Simpson Sentinel. (Those are my titles, not theirs.) The method of communication and the name of his newsletter (if any) will, of course, be my replacement's decision.
So what will come of The Becker Report? As March 6th has approached, I've been spending my time almost exclusively in the new 65th House District. Much of The Becker Report has morphed into a campaign newsletter. I expect that to continue throughout 2012. Assuming that I win the 65th District State Representative race in March and November, I will be writing as a State Representative in 2013. In that capacity, I expect The Becker Report to morph into a constituent letter and a report of non-confidential discussions within the caucus. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Regardless, The Becker Report will continue to remain my personal (or campaign) expense and will not be charged to the tax payers.

Video Central
Jerome Simpson Front Flip Touchdown (1+ minute)

Past Events
January 18, 2012
Chairman Rudd presided over the regular business meeting of the Clermont County GOP at HQ in Batavia. He announced that he had been reappointed to the Board of Elections, described the new slate cards for endorsed candidates, announced the date change for the Lincoln Day Dinner to March 30th, announced the League of Women Voters Candidate's Night, and discussed the presidential candidates nominating process including delegates. Candidate presentations followed.

January 13, 2012
It was a busy day. The morning started at the Center-Right meeting in Sycamore Twp. I then attended the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District meeting in Batavia Twp. Jon Husted was the featured speaker at the Clermont Chamber Luncheon. Rick Eagan, Doug Green, Ed Humphrey, and Joe Uecker were the elected officials who attended. Afterward, I met with an official with the Ohio Chamber. It was a very good meeting.

January 12, 2012
Smart meters were the primary topic of discussion at the Miami Twp Tea Party meeting. I addressed the crowd and fielded questions. Joe Uecker, Greg Simpson, and Ed Humphrey did the same.

January 11, 2012
Vince Faris held a meet and greet at the Oasis. The elected officials I saw included Ric Ferenc, Tina Sanborn, and Goshen Twp Trustees Bob Hausermann and Ray Autenrieb.

January 6, 2012
About 70 people attended the Government Strategies Group First Friday Luncheon. Joe Uecker was the only other elected official from Clermont County. It was great to see Ohio Supreme Court candidate Judge Kennedy and my State Central Committee colleagues Christa Criddle and Lisa Hays.

January 3, 2012
Duke Energy discussed “
Smart Meters” at the Clermont County Tea Party meeting. About 100 people attended. Bob True and Tina Sanborn were the only elected officials that I saw.

December 29, 2011
Paul Hall hosted a meet and greet at the Batavia Station restaurant. About 50 people attended. Elected officials included Danny Bubp, Debbie Clepper, Doug Green, and Jeff Hardin

December 19, 2011
Jean Schmidt hosted her annual Christmas party at her Kenwood office. She called from Washington and addressed the crowd. Some of the elected officials in the room included Ed Humphrey, Jeff Hardin, Joe Uecker, Matt Beamer, Bob McGee, and Don White.

Event Calendar
January 23, 2012
Annual Right-to-Life memorial march in Washington DC

January 23, 2012
COAST fundraiser for Brad Wenstrup for $125. To RSVP and get more details, contact
Jeff Groenke at 513-225-6786.

January 25, 2012
Anderson Tea Party meeting and Anderson High School at 7pm

January 26, 2012
Reception for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt at the Queen City Club from 5-7pm. To RSVP online - please
fill out the reply form here and email to

January 26, 2012
Reception for Judge Sharon Kennedy for Ohio Supreme Court from 6pm – 8pm for $250 at the home of Debe & Lou Terhar. RSVP to 614-375-0068 by Jan. 24th.

January 26, 2012
Anderson Twp Tea Party meeting at Anderson High School at 7pm

January 26, 2012
Brown County GOP Club meeting

January 28, 2012
13th Annual
Northeast Hamilton County Republican Pancake Breakfast featuring Rob Portman from 9am to 11am at the Sharonville Convention Center for $20.

January 30, 2012
John Becker for State Representative fundraiser at Eastgate Receptions from 5pm to 8pm for $100 per person. RSVP by January 22nd to or call 513-753-6440.

January 31, 2012
Scioto County GOP Club meeting in New Boston

February 4, 2012
Fifth Annual Friends of NRA Banquet at Eastgate Receptions at 6pm and dinner at 7:15pm for $30. Contact
Cathy Darnell at 513-753-3112

February 6, 2012
Union Twp GOP meeting at 7pm at the Civic Center

February 6, 2012
Eastern Cincinnati Liberty Groups’ Candidates’ Night at Miami Valley Christian Academy from 7pm to 9pm

February 7, 2012
Clermont County Tea Party meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

February 9, 2012
Miami Twp Tea Party meeting at the Civic Center at 7pm

February 11, 2012
Buckeye Firearms annual “Buckeye Bash” at the Dublin Crowne Plaza Hotel starting at 5pm for $45. Contact Linda Walker:

February 15, 2012
Clermont County GOP meeting at 7pm in Batavia

February 16, 2012
Brown County Lincoln Day Dinner

February 23, 2012
Ohio Christian Alliance Freedom Banquet featuring Congressman Bill Johnson in Columbus

March 6, 2012
Primary Election

March 21, 2012
Clermont County GOP meeting at 7pm in Batavia

March 27, 2012
Scioto County Lincoln Day Dinner at the Friends Center

March 30, 2012
Clermont County Lincoln Day Dinner at the Eastgate Holiday Inn: Social at 6pm and dinner at 7pm

August 27 – 30, 2012
Republican National Convention at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida

Tim Rudd,
Clermont County GOP Chairman
Paul Hall,
Brown County GOP Chairman
Harty Wallingford, Adams County GOP Chairman
Dr. Terry Johnson,
Scioto County GOP Chairman
Ray “Moose” Dutey, Lawrence County GOP Chairman

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