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May 2013


I found the major media's reaction to the Kermit Gosnell murder trial fascinating, but predictable. They feigned outrage over the "murders," but yawned at the whole issue of abortion. Unfortunately, that attitude reflects a large segment of the population. I'm curious why the defense didnít argue that the birthed children could not be considered persons under the law because the mother's intention was to kill them before birth. Additionally, they could have argued that the murder charge was illogically applied because the humanity of the babies was no different inside the birth canal versus on the table. I agree with that argument. If you were to reverse the birth process and attempt to find a logical "tipping point" for declaring a developing child a "person," you'd have to go all the way back to fertilization. Otherwise, the DNA always proves the existence of a separate and distinct human being. The only question here is the timing of when a human being becomes a person with full human rights. If this argument sounds familiar, that's because it was regarding the 19th century slave trade. The abolitionists won that battle. We're still fighting this one.
Along those lines, I am very pleased that prosecutors are considering charging Ariel Castro with five counts of murder for forcing one of his three kidnap and rape victims to have miscarriages. Again, it is perplexing that the intention of the mother determines the personhood (or lack thereof) for the dead babies.

Ohio House of Representatives
The Beckerisms section of my April issue was about my personal experiences with unions. I have an update: A union president and lobbyist came to my office for a friendly discussion. I asked them to help me understand their opposition to right-to-work. They lead with the freeloader argument. I stopped them and said, "Let's work together to fix that. I can offer an amendment prohibiting unions from representing non-union members." They quickly moved to the financial argument. They simply need to spread out the cost of union administration over as many paying members as possible. "Then it's all about the money?" I asked. Their third argument was about clout. They explained that greater representation would provide them a greater bargaining position. "Then it's about power and control?" I asked again. They didn't confirm or deny my assertions, but I very much enjoyed our meeting. I'm not too sure they did.

HB 151, HB 152, and HJR 5 are the Right-to-Work bills. After a discussion with union leadership and the bill sponsors, I have drafted amendments to prohibit unions from representing non-union members. This now removes their stated primary concern with Right-to-Work.

Video Central
Nullify Obamacare South Carolina (Press Conference) (24+ minutes)
Representative Bill Chumley speaking at the Nullify Obamacare Rally Columbia (5 minutes)
Never Mess with this Girls Purse (<2 minutes)
Indoctrination in Common Core English Language Arts (8+ minutes)
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Event Calendar
June 3, 2013
Union Twp GOP Central Committee at the UT Civic Center at 7pm

June 4, 2013
Clermont County Tea Party at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

June 7, 2013
Government Strategy Group's "First Friday Luncheon" featuring Mary Taylor at McCormick & Schmick's at noon

June 19, 2013
Clermont County GOP Central Committee meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7pm

Becker for State Representative
Iíve raised $55,000 and expanded my donor base to over 370 people in six different states! Donation size has ranged from $1 to $1,000 and has averaged $81. You could donate for FREE! You may know that a $50 per taxpayer dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT (It is $100 on a joint return.) is available every year. The "Ohio political contributions credit" is on line 55 of your Ohio IT 1040. Simply claim it on your state of Ohio tax return and get your money back. Contributions to candidates for State Representative (and other "state offices") qualify for this credit. That is why it will cost you nothing. Iím Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Limited Government and Lower Taxes. Please see the following brief videos:

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