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August 2014



What happened in Ferguson Missouri?
We've all seen the headlines: "White cop guns down unarmed black teenager." The "victim's" name is Michael Brown. He is described as a sweet kid, looking forward to starting college, and a gentle giant who wouldn't hurt a fly. "Eye witness" accounts claimed that Brown was shot in the back as he fled. Other so-called "eye witness" accounts claimed that Brown was on his knees with his hands in the air begging for his life just before he was mercilessly gunned down. It was an "execution style murder."
Really? Well, there might be more to the story. I did a few Google searches and came up with information that I have no way of verifying: Michael Brown was 6' 4" and 292 pounds.
The Washington Post reported that Brown had Marijuana in his system. According to Michael Brown's Criminal Past Revealed, Brown had a substantial criminal record as a juvenile - including a second-degree murder charge. Another report claims that: Michael Brown: A Criminal and a Thug. And yet another: Ferguson's Michael Brown: The Tall Tale of the "Gentle Giant". I don't know how much of these reports are true, but they are believable in the context of the strong-arm robbery video that the Ferguson police released. Brown clearly bullied and intimidated a store clerk, half his size, while making off with the loot. Even if all of that is true; was the shooting justified?
Most lacking is information about police officer Darren Wilson. It appears that his record is clean and that he is a distinguished officer. Police reports claim that Wilson was physically assaulted and that Brown fought Wilson for his gun. While injured, Wilson fired his weapon multiple times to stop Brown during the attack. The extent of Officer Wilson's facial injuries is unknown. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.
The best analysis I've seen is from CNN. One of the videos is from Dorian Johnson. He was Michael Brown's accomplice during the convenience store robbery. (Why isn't he in jail?) Johnson's description of events makes it sound like "mad cop disease." The police report description of events makes it sound like "suicide by cop." There is no doubt that Officer Wilson will be indicted. (If the governor of Texas can get indicted for vetoing a spending bill, anybody can.) The facts will come out during the trial. At this point, I'm not sure which one was the victim. Justice may have already been served on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. Or, justice will be forthcoming. We'll see.

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Ohio House of Representatives
The list of bills that I've sponsored include:
HB 188 eliminates the Ohio Marriage Penalty. (Ways and Means Committee)

HB 191 corrects the definition of a machine gun. (Transportation Committee)

HB 210 prohibits law enforcement from destroying firearms and requires that they be sold to federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL). (Transportation Committee)

HB 234 allows hunting with suppressors. (Senate)

HB 236 allows public sector employees with concealed carry licenses to carry into government buildings. (State and Local Government Committee)

HB 240 eliminates the February and August special elections. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 244 elevates the crimes of rape and child molestation to capital crimes subject to the death penalty. (Judiciary Committee)

HB 250 allows for two weeks of early voting concluding the Friday before the election. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 255 reforms Medicaid and saves taxpayers $1.5 billion per year. (Health and Aging Committee)

HB 263 specifies that early voting days and hours shall be M-F 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 266 prohibits the board of elections from sending out unsolicited materials and prohibits pre-paid postage. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 269 requires photo ID for voting. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 271 expands immunity from malpractice litigation for health care professionals providing free services to the poor and uninsured. (Insurance Committee)

HB 285 eliminates double dippers. (Health and Aging Committee)

HB 305 makes Ohio a closed primary state and allows voters to change party affiliation at any time other than 30 days prior to an election. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HJR 8 is a constitutional amendment expanding term limits to all state and local offices and setting them at 12 years with a few exceptions. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HCR 37 is a resolution for Ohio's General Assembly to ask the US Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Federal District Judge Timothy Black. (Judiciary Committee)

HB 340 is the Firearms Freedom Act based on the Montana law that asserts state sovereignty over intra-state commerce. (Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee)

HB 351 prohibits private and public insurance companies from covering abortions. The only exception is ectopic (tubal). (Insurance Committee)

HB 357 provides taxpayer relief from the sales tax on core charges such as batteries and other automobile parts. (Ways and Means Committee)

HB 372 permits water skiers and the like to utilize a rear view mirror rather than a spotter on boats and personal watercraft. (Transportation Committee)

HB 396 permits all married couples, regardless of sexual orientation, to file Ohio tax returns separate without regard to how they filed their federal returns. Under the current practice of the Ohio Department of Taxation, only homosexuals are allowed this privilege. (See IT S.) And therefore, only homosexuals are currently allowed to avoid the Ohio Marriage Penalty and maximize both federal and state tax benefits. HB 396 aligns statute with current practice and solves the litigation problem based on the Equal Protection Clause. (Ways and Means Committee)

HB 403 is a follow-up to HB 236 and allows all citizens, with concealed carry permits, to enter most public buildings.(State and Local Government Committee)

HJR 10 is a constitutional amendment allowing for recall elections for all state and local elected officials. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 420 is employee parking lot carry. (Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee)

HB 475 allows the courtesy of flashing headlights to warn of hazards such as police radar. (Transportation Committee)


Video Central
Israel-Palestinian conflict - In a nutshell (5+ minutes)
Sean Hannity Explores Hamas Terror Tunnel Into Israel (5+ minutes)
Harper Kohls - AP History - Common Core at Springboro City Schools (3+ minutes)
Travis County, Texas District Attorney Lehmberg's Booking (5 minutes)

Older Clips
John Becker on Fox 19 News talking about "Stand Your Ground" (HB 203) (3 minutes)
John Becker on Ch. 10 News in Columbus regarding the impeachment of Judge Black (3 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 talking about HB 244 (3 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 talking about Medicaid (2 minutes)
John Becker radio interview with Chris Long, Ohio Christian Alliance (25 minutes)

Event Calendar
September 2, 2014
HB 269 Press Conference in Columbus at 10:30 am

September 2, 2014

Clermont County Tea Party at the Eastgate Holiday Inn at 7 pm

September 6, 2014

Parade in Newtonsville

September 9, 2014
Citizens for Community Values 27th Annual Golf Classic

September 17, 2014
Clermont County Central Committee meeting at HQ in Batavia

September 20, 2014
We the People Convention in Columbus

September 24, 2014
Fundraiser for Congressman Brad Wenstrup in the hanger at Sporty's in Batavia Twp. featuring Congressman Jim Jordan from 5:30 to 8 pm

Becker for State Representative
Ranked a top tier "most archconservative" by the Columbus Dispatch (September 2013).
“ arguably the most conservative member of the Ohio House,” said The Cincinnati Enquirer (January 2014).
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