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December 2016



Season's Greetings

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Annual Fundraising Appeal - You can be a Becker Backer too!

As you may know, I am one of the few who walk the talk when it comes to supporting conservative legislation. Whether it is eliminating Common Core, Medicaid expansion, or excessive taxes and spending, I have the track record to prove it. Additionally, my support for innocent human life, gun rights, and religious freedom is unwavering.

Please do me this favor. You can donate for FREE! You may know that a $50 per taxpayer dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT (It is $100 on a joint return.) is available every year. I will mail you a receipt for your tax professional to ensure that you take full advantage of the tax credit. (It is on line 9 of the Ohio Schedule of Credits on your Ohio Income Tax return.) Please mail check to:
Friends of Becker
925 Locust Ln.
Cincinnati, OH 45245-1313
If you prefer, you can donate with your credit card by clicking the above donate button or this link.

Regardless, have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Electoral College - The Defections were Shocking and Historic
The Electoral College voted 304 for Donald Trump to 227 for Hillary Clinton.

For the first time since 1808, a presidential candidate was humiliated by five Electoral College defections. Once again, Hillary Clinton has made history.

Ohio House of Representatives - Statement from the Heart
I've now completed my second two-year term in office. I cannot find the words to express my appreciation for those who have stood by me while I fight for our values in Columbus. It can be frustrating and exhausting. Without your support and encouragement, I would not be able to do it. Please continue to stand with me for at least two more years. I need you.


Video Central
Hillary's Final Disgrace - Bill Whittle (5 minutes)
Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years” (4 minutes)

Older Clips
John Becker supports the US Constitution's provision for the military and our veterans (1 minute)
John Becker speaks on the House floor in favor of the Constitution. (1 minute)
John Becker on The Ohio Channel with Karen Kasler (7 minutes)
John Becker speaks about the Constitutional Authority of the Americans with Disabilities Act on the House floor. (2 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 News talking about Homosexual Marriage (HB 296) (2+ minutes)
John Becker live CNN pro-life interview defending Down syndrome people (HB 135) (This is the full six minute uncut version)
John Becker live CNN pro-life interview defending Down syndrome people (HB 135) This is the edited version currently on the CNN web site (< 2 minutes)
Sarah Palin interview with State Representative Dave Hall (8 minutes)
The Becker Budget Interview with Karen Kasler (6 minutes)
League of Women Voters Candidates forum: John Becker vs. Democrat opponent (28 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 News talking about "Stand Your Ground" (HB 203) (3 minutes)
John Becker on Ch. 10 News in Columbus regarding the impeachment of Judge Black (3 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 talking about HB 244 (3 minutes)
John Becker on Fox 19 talking about Medicaid (2 minutes)
John Becker radio interview with Chris Long, Ohio Christian Alliance (25 minutes)

Event Calendar

January 6, 2017
"First Friday" Luncheon at McCormick & Schmick's at noon for $20.

January 18, 2017
Clermont County Republican Central Committee meeting at 7 PM in The Empire of The Village of Batavia.

Becker for State Representative
Ranked a top tier "most archconservative" by the Columbus Dispatch (September 2013).
" arguably the most conservative member of the Ohio House," said The Cincinnati Enquirer (March 2014).
"GOP Ohio House freshman Becker is no shrinking violet," headlined the Columbus Dispatch (December 2014).
Becker wins prestigious William Wilberforce Leadership Award (April 2015).
Rep. John Becker, suburban Cincinnati Republican… [holds] the unofficial title as the General Assembly's most conservative lawmaker, said the Columbus Dispatch (September 2015).

If the above Donate button does not work, use the button at
You could donate for FREE! You may know that an Ohio Income Tax $50 per taxpayer dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT (It is $100 on a joint return.) is available every year. The "Ohio political contributions credit" is on line 58 of your Ohio IT 1040. Simply claim it on your state of Ohio tax return and get your money back. Contributions to candidates for State Representative (and other "state offices") qualify for this credit. That is why it will cost you nothing. I'm Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Limited Government and Lower Taxes. Please see the following brief videos:

Introduction (38 seconds)

Second Amendment (36 seconds)

Taxes (49 seconds)

Energy (55 seconds)

Pro-Life (42 seconds)

Creation Science and Evolution (42 sec.)

State Government Spending (45 sec.)

Donate (50 seconds)

State Government (37 seconds)

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Nothing in this newsletter constitutes legal advice. I am not an attorney and do not play one on TV. This newsletter is not sanctioned by the GOP, ORP, or any organization, or affiliation. I am fully and solely responsible for its content. Although I strive for accuracy, this is not "The Gospel according to John." Additionally, I don't necessarily try to be "fair and balanced." After all, I didn't get into politics to be a news reporter. My agenda is to influence public policy consistent with Southern Ohio conservative values. For more information on my motivations or how to get involved, see:
What is a Central Committee?

Pro-Life | Pro-Gun | Limited Government | Lower Taxes

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