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March 2019



Gas Tax
Governor DeWine proposed an 18 cent per gallon gas tax increase. That proposal would raise $1.2 billion. I've long advocated for more, bigger, and safer highways to alleviate traffic congestion and promote economic growth. If it takes an 18 cent gas tax increase to accomplish all of that, then so be it. However, I'd like to see an equivalent offset in the income tax to keep Ohioans' overall tax burden from increasing. The House version of the Transportation Budget included a 10.7 cent gas tax increase without any offset. I voted NO.

Becker Assassination Demand
The Cincinnati Enquirer recently published a story entitled:
A man posted on Facebook a state rep should be killed. He was acquitted, now the rep wants officials armed
That is true. The story is an updated version of what was in the print edition.
It all began when
a cop at a Kroger tased an 11-year-old girl for resisting arrest after shoplifting.
Later that month, I published the
August edition of The Becker Report defending law enforcement's use of force.
About two weeks later, an organization I've never heard of ( reached out to me via e-mail with several questions and follow-up questions.
They published a provocative and false narrative for their low information readers. Shortly thereafter, I started receiving hate mail from multiple continents.
Because of their irresponsible reporting, a man in Columbus publicly called for my assassination. He was originally arrested and charged with a felony. After a few days in the Franklin County Jail, he was extradited to Clermont County and resided in the Clermont County Jail for another five days. A grand jury was convened and indicted him on a misdemeanor charge of harassment.
During the trial, the defendant claimed that "Becker was quoted as saying that the girl must have been a punk or somehow deserved to be tased." I never said that.
Regardless, I don't doubt that he believed that misquote to be true. It appears that he believes everything he reads on the Internet. Arguably, the defendant was a victim of journalistic malpractice by (Just for the record here, The Cincinnati Enquirer's reporting has been solid.)
The complete record of the interview with is below:

September 12 - 14, 2018
Media query - tasers, policing, parenting Reporter: I'm a reporter with The Appeal, a national criminal justice news site.
John Becker: Hi Melissa! Thank you for reaching out to me. I'm always happy to work with the media. Reporter: Re: your August 2018 Becker Report, you seem to be making a point about police performing the role of parents in their absence. Does that feel like an appropriate summary to you?
John Becker: No. I hadn't thought about that. I was reacting as a parent and frustrated by the emphasis on the police response rather than the child's behavior problem. Reporter: Also, I want to make sure I understood what you meant by "I'd be ashamed and embarrassed that she did something stupid enough to get herself tased." Are you saying that having a child tased by police would be embarrassing because it was a failure of parenting?
John Becker: Not necessarily, but it could be an indication of a parenting problem. Bad kids can come from great parents and good kids can come from bad parents. If I were to do research, I would expect to find that kids that come from two parent intact supportive families are less likely to get in trouble with the authorities than kids that came from tougher environments. Reporter: Thank you. My deadline is Thursday noon (Eastern).
John Becker: You're welcome, Melissa. I hope that I've been helpful. Please send me a link to the story you publish. Reporter: A followup, re: Is there anything you'd like to add about how appropriate it is for police to use potentially deadly force against children?
John Becker: Children? Are we talking about five-year-olds or 17-year-old armed gang members? It obviously depends on the age of the "child" and the circumstances involved. Reporter: In this specific case? It was an eleven year old girl, suspected of a misdemeanor (she was alleged to have taken a backpack, candy, beef jerky, and baby clothes). Is potentially deadly force acceptable to use against her?
John Becker: No. Deadly force was not necessary in that situation. She was simply tased for resisting arrest. Reporter: One more, since this feels important to get your response to:
You said, "If I were to do research, I would expect to find that kids that come from two parent intact supportive families are less likely to get in trouble with the authorities than kids that came from tougher environments."
Would you also take into account the racial disparities involved in which kids are more likely to be arrested?
John Becker: No. I don't know to what degree, if any, racial disparities are a factor. All else being equal (socioeconomic and family support), I don't know that there are any racial disparities. I'm not saying there aren't any. I'm just saying that I don't know.
Regarding this specific case with the 11-year-old; after the black cop tased the black shoplifter, in a fatherly sort of way, he did tell her that "This is why there's no grocery stores in the black community." Some have accused him of being racist because of his statement. I don't doubt that he would have tased a white 11-year-old shoplifter under the same circumstances. Reporter: Do you remember what date you sent your August 2018 Beckerisms newsletter?
John Becker: August 29, 2018

Regarding Judge Jerry McBride
Judge McBride heard the case and ruled the defendant not guilty of harassment. According to the judge, the prosecution failed to prove, beyond a reasonably doubt, that the defendant's "purpose" was to harass. The defendant claimed that his "purpose" was to engage me in political dialogue. Well, I believe that to be untrue and the prosecution also believed that to be untrue or they wouldn't have pursued the case. It wouldn't surprise me if the judge believed it to be untrue also, but he clearly believed that the prosecution did not prove their case "beyond a reasonable doubt." Hence, case closed.
I've known judge McBride for a long time. I don't know him well, but our paths occasionally cross at various events. I've never heard anybody ever say anything bad about him in any context. I respect Judge McBride and the ruling that he made in this case.

Becker Donates Controversial Pay Raise to Community Organizations
January 2019 - The Cincinnati Nature Center received my personal check for $154.69.
February 2019 - Ohio Concerns of Police Survivors (Ohio C.O.P.S.) got my on-line donation for $154.69.
March 2019 - I delivered a personal check for $313.73 to the Goshen Township Bicentennial Committee. The increase in the amount of my donation is because of my promotion to be chairman of the Federalism Committee. It reflects the net portion of the controversial pay increase that was included in my chairmanship increment.

Becker Bills in the Ohio House of Representatives

HR 55 - Build the Wall. This resolution urging congress to fund a physical barrier across the southern border has been assigned to the Transportation Committee.
HB 39 - Replica Vehicles. This is a bill I'm doing with John Patterson to create a special category for these unique vehicles. It is in the Transportation Committee.
HB 153 - Working Officials Requirements Key (WORK) Act. This bill requires county elected officials to show up at their office at least five times every 30 days. It is in the State and Local Government Committee.
HB 176 - Convention and Visitors' Bureaus. This is a bill I'm doing with Tom Brinkman. It requires open records.

Video Central
Colonel Adam Miller on the House floor calls me out as Chairman of the Federalism Committee. The first minute is AWESOME! (3 minutes) The clip begins at 26 minutes.
Capitalism vs. Socialism (5 minutes)
The Tax System Explained in Beer (5 minutes)

Event Calendar
April 1
Union Township GOP meeting at the Civic Center at 7 PM.

April 4
Adams County Lincoln Day Dinner at the Willow Event Center in Winchester.

April 4

Lawrence County Lincoln Day Dinner at South Point High School.

April 5
Citizens for Community Values annual banquet at the XU Cintas Center.

April 6
Buckeye Bash (Buckeye Firearms) at Villa Milano Banquet & Conference Center.

April 6
A Night to Remember our Fallen Heroes Scholarship Dinner at the Oasis.

April 9
Scioto County GOP in New Boston.

April 17
Clermont County GOP meeting.

April 23
Scioto County GOP in New Boston.

April 25
I will be the
Master of Ceremonies at the Pregnancy Resource Center Spring Partnership Dinner at the Sardinia Church of Christ

May 2
I will be the keynote speaker at the Adams County National Day of Prayer in West Union at 6 PM.

May 2
Clermont County Township Association Annual Banquet at the Fairgrounds.

Becker for State Representative - Vetted, Tested, and Proven!
Becker wins “Sponsor of Liberty” award by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (October 2018).
"Becker has a legitimate claim as the state's most conservative legislator," according to The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer (September 2017).
"Rep. John Becker, suburban Cincinnati Republican… [holds] the unofficial title as the General Assembly's most conservative lawmaker," proclaimed the Columbus Dispatch (September 2015).
Becker wins prestigious William Wilberforce Leadership Award (April 2015).
"GOP Ohio House freshman Becker is no shrinking violet," headlined the Columbus Dispatch (December 2014).
" arguably the most conservative member of the Ohio House," said The Cincinnati Enquirer (January 2014).
Ranked as a top tier "most archconservative" by the Columbus Dispatch (September 2013).

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