Bob Dole – America’s Senator (April 11, 1993)

April 11, 1993

Readers’ Views

Enquirer Editorial Page

Many NFL fans refer to the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s team.” I believe that many Americans must be referring to Bob Dole as “America’s senator.” As an Ohioan, I am frequently disgusted and often outraged by our liberal senators John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum. They, like President Clinton, do not represent my interests, nor the best interests of the country. They seem to only represent the interests of the radical feminists, militant homosexuals, and the money grubbing selfish pro-abortionists (popularly known as the pro-choice crowd).

Thank God for Senator Bob Dole. He led the victorious filibuster to stop the infamous jobs (pork) bill. Due to his effective leadership, I now have renewed hope in our country. The future looked very bleak after black Tuesday, November 3, 1992; a day that will live in infamy. With the liberals firmly in control of the federal government, it appears that only the filibuster can stop our nations’ slide into socialism.

Keep up the great work Senator Dole. I’m sorry that Ohio is (apparently) unable to elect moderate senators.

John E. Becker