Is Jesus Christ a liberal? – A rebuttal to Bud Hines (August 5, 1994)

August 5, 1994


Press Community Newspapers

Dear Editor:

After reading the letter by Bud Hines (August 3 “Basis of Christianity”), I thought of Isaiah 5:20. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (NIV).

He stated that, “If Christ were alive today, he would gladly be labeled a ‘liberal.’” This sentence is wrong on two counts. First, Jesus Christ IS alive today. You might recall that He arose from the dead after three days.

Second, If Jesus Christ were walking the earth as a man today, the liberals would likely label Him as a radical right-wing hate mongering wacko Bible-thumping fundamentalist anti-women homophobic bigot and perhaps even a Nazi. (See Isaiah 5:20.) He would certainly be crucified by the press. (He warned against the scribes.)

Many of us are conservatives because we believe that His Bible is true. Politically active Christian conservatives are often unfairly described with many of the above adjectives. Some liberals describe Jesus Christ Himself in this manner and want to ban the Bible as hate literature.

Mr. Hines claims to be, “involved in politics as a Democrat because I want to support honest people who practice Christian values.” The Democratic Party appears to have demonic rather than Christian values. Do you think Jesus Christ would be in favor of child pornography or pornographic “art”? Do you think that He would be in favor of abortion or homosexuality (which He calls an abomination)? Do you think that he would be in favor of handing out condoms in schools in place of Scripture tracts? Do you think that He would be in favor of stealing from (taxing) the rich and giving it to the poor? Do you think that He would be a socialist?

Not all Democrats are evil (although many are confused), nor are all Republicans good. The question isn’t whos’ side is God on, but rather who is on God’s side. Perhaps Mr. Hines needs to read his Bible in order to understand Christianity, or monitor the Democratic Party to understand liberalism. Hines mentioned that “caring for people who can’t speak for themselves is the basis for Christian Charity.” I agree. Can unborn children speak for themselves? Liberals and the Democratic party promote abortion. Conservatives and the Republican Party are pro-life.

Jesus instructed us to help the poor. I believe that many Democrats and Republicans are equally interested in helping those in need. The difference is methodology. Democrats simply want to hand them a fish. Whereas Republicans want to create an environment where they will want to learn how to fish and feed themselves for a lifetime. This environment is called capitalism.

John E. Becker