Guest Column – (February 19, 2012)

February 19, 2012

The Community Journal

Dear Editor:

I am a candidate for the office of State Representative. Ohio’s 65th House District includes the cities of Milford and Loveland (inside Clermont County) and the townships of Union, Miami, Goshen, Stonelick, and Wayne. I am asking for your vote on March 6th so that I can continue to support and promote the conservative values of Clermont County in Columbus.

I’ve lived in the Cincinnati area all of my life and in Clermont County most of my life. I bought my first house in Mt. Carmel in 1985. My wife and I built our current home in the Eastgate area in 1991. She has very successfully home schooled our daughter.

My MBA, with an emphasis in taxation, was earned at Xavier University. I also hold a CTP (Certified Treasury Professional), a school district treasurer’s license, and am a graduate of the Union Township Citizens’ Police Academy.

My 30 year career in the private sector is as follows:

  • Manufacturing – GE (Evendale) and Ford ( Batavia )
  • Health Care Insurance – MetLife and Prudential
  • Banking/Financial – Provident Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and Access Financial
  • Charter Education – Treasurer at Hillcrest Training School

Since 2004, I’ve held an elected political office called Republican State Committeeman. I am a member of the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party. I’ve also served as a precinct committeeman for the Clermont County Republican Party since 1993. I write The Becker Report. Most of my readers would agree that we need fiscal and social pro-family Christian conservatives in government who are willing to support and promote the conservative values of Clermont County.

My growing list of endorsements includes:

  • Ohio Republican Party
  • Ohio House of Representatives, Speaker Bill Batchelder
  • All 15 trustees in the five townships
  • Milford City Councilman, Jeff Lykins
  • Ohio Valley FOP Lodge 112
  • Cincinnati Right to Life PAC
  • Ohio Right to Life PAC
  • Ohio ProLife Action
  • Ohio Pro-Life PAC
  • Buckeye Firearms (“A” rating)
  • Ohio Gun PAC
  • Family First PAC
  • Citizens for Community Values Action PAC
  • Phil and Vickie Burress
  • Dr. Jack Willke

My media and blog endorsements include the Clermont Post and Weapons of Mass Discussion. I’ve also signed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and the No Climate Change Tax Pledge.

I favor phasing out the Income Tax, Commercial Activities Tax (CAT), and the Estate Tax. Regulatory reform for schools and local governments will allow them to operate more efficiently. For example, Ohio needs to put an end to unfunded mandates. The state should either pay 100 percent of the cost or drop the mandate. Ohio also needs a competitive, cheaper, and more efficient workers compensation program. Furthermore, if medical providers had immunity from malpractice litigation for indigent (charity) care, they could provide health care services more economically. Additionally, I will never surrender the fight against socialized healthcare.

My core values include: pro-life, pro-gun, limited government, and lower taxes. I also support making Ohio a right to work state. I am the only candidate in this race who is vetted, tested, and proven.

John Becker