Joe Lieberman – Centrist? Or garden variety liberal? (August 8, 2000)

August 8, 2000

The Cincinnati Enquirer Dear Editor:

Why do I keep reading about Joe Lieberman being a “centrist” and a “moderate”? The evidence suggests that he’s just another garden variety liberal. Let’s compare him to someone who is perhaps the most infamous member of the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party: Ted Kennedy.

A number of organizations rate members of Congress based on their voting records. Kennedy was rated as MORE conservative than Lieberman by the American Conservative Union (4% to 0%) and the John Birch Society (15% to 10%) for 1999.

Kennedy was rated more liberal than Lieberman by the American Civil Liberties Union (67% to 50%).

Both Senators earned similar ratings from the National Taxpayers Union (7% to 8%), and Christian Coalition (15% to 15%).

Sadly, both men were rated as Zeros by the National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association.

Perhaps Kennedy is slightly more liberal than Lieberman. But does that make Lieberman a “centrist” and a “moderate”?

John E. Becker