Employers Bar Weapons – Ignorance or Stupidity? (April 7, 2004)

April 7, 2004 


The Cincinnati Post

It appears that a great deal of ignorance (or perhaps stupidity) surrounds the issue of concealed-carry. According to the April 7, 2004 edition, “Some workers pack more than lunch, ” dozens of employers want to know how to bar weapons from their workplace.

These employers need to logically think this through. Unless they have security guards and metal detectors, they can’t stop anybody from carrying a weapon into their workplace.

Consider this scenario: Let’s say that a deranged disgruntled employee wants revenge. Is it likely that a posted sign banning weapons will convince him to change his mind? I think not. In fact, it is far more likely that he would be reassured that his scheme of mass murder would be a great success since nobody would be able to stop him. Sure one or two employees might be able to escape to the parking lot, grab their weapon, and go back into the building to save their colleagues. Unfortunately, their heroics would be too late for far too many people.

If employees are trained and licensed to carry concealed weapons and allowed to do so on company property, such tragedies could be averted or minimized. FBI crime statistics clearly indicate that armed citizens save lives and protect property.

Employers; please do not put yourself and your employees at risk by disarming the people that might, some day, be able to save your life and the lives of others.

John E. Becker