Sheriff Rodenberg and Concealed Weapons (December 19, 2001)


The Cincinnati Enquirer

Dear Editor,

Clermont County Sheriff Rodenberg has taken a courageous stance in support of concealed-carry rights for the law-abiding people of Ohio [“Concealed-carry can be deterrent to crime”, 12/19/2001].

Sheriff Rodenberg made many good points including how violent crime has decreased in states that allow concealed-carry rights. He also suggested that the split opinion among Ohio’s law enforcement officials is due to a desire to “continue their tight control over the citizens rather than legitimate officer safety considerations.”

Could another reason for the split be job security? A direct correlation has been proven between gun control and crime. That is, more gun control equates to more crime. Likewise, less gun control (including concealed-carry rights) equates to less crime.

Many law enforcement officials could be concerned that their jobs may be threatened if Ohio joins the majority of states and passes a concealed-carry law. Ohio would enjoy a lower crime rate and a lesser need for police.

I hope that Governor Taft decides to abide by his campaign promise and allow law-abiding citizens to effectively defend themselves.

John E. Becker