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Vote YES on Issue 1 – August 8, 2023

I initially covered this topic in the June edition of The Becker Report. The July edition is a follow-up, or a “part II,”
During the past month, the unhinged leftists and liberal Republicans have managed to convince a number of “low information” conservatives to vote the wrong way on Issue 1. This report seeks to correct and expose the misinformation infecting the media. Below, I am presenting new information that I did not present last month.

The Grassroots Freedom Initiative

Vote YES on August 8 to Protect Ohio’s Constitution

Key Message: Ohio’s Constitution is a foundational document that establishes our form of
government and protects our individual freedoms. Today, the Constitution is far too easy to
amend, and should have the same protections as the U.S. Constitution and the majority of other
states. It should not be amended based on policy priorities of deep-pocketed special interests or
the changing political winds.
What Issue 1 Does
Elevates the Standard. By raising the threshold for constitutional amendments to 60%,
the People will ensure amendments have widespread support and tell special interests
that our Constitution is not for sale. This will protect Ohio’s Constitution similar to the way
the U.S. Constitution has been protected since our country’s founding.
Empowers People Across Ohio. By requiring signatures from voters in every county,
special interests will no longer be able to cherry pick where they gather signatures.
Instead, starting January 1, 2024, a diverse and representative population of Ohioans
will determine whether proposed amendments appear on the ballot.
Eliminates Second Bites at the Apple. By restricting do-overs on signature
submissions, starting January 1, 2024, special interests will have one chance to play by
the rules when gathering signatures to place proposed amendments on the ballot.
What Issue 1 Does Not Do
● End citizen-led constitutional amendments.
● Change Ohioans ability to make changes in the Ohio Revised Code.
● Remove the People’s critical role in our state government.

Who is opposed to Issue 1?

  • Communist Party of Ohio
  • Democratic Socialists of Ohio
  • Ohio Democrat Party
  • US Senator Sherrod Brown
  • League of Women Voters
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Ohio Education Association
  • Human Rights Campaign (This is NOT a pro-life group.)
  • Pro-Choice Ohio [Pro-abortion Ohio]
  • ACLU of Ohio
  • Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom [Ohioans for Death and Dismemberment]

Follow the $$

Financial reports were filed this week by the Issue 1 groups.
According to a report from the Columbus Dispatch:

“One Person One Vote has vastly outraised and outspent its opponents, allowing the group to dominate the airwaves with advertising. On top of the $14.8 million in contributions, opponents received $1.8 million in services provided by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio.

Top donations include:
• $2.6 million from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a progressive dark money group
• $1.875 million from the Tides Foundation, a liberal social justice organization based in San Francisco
• $1 million from the National Education Association
• $1 million from the Ohio Education Association
• Over $531,000 from the Fairness Project, which focuses on ballot measure campaigns
One Person One Vote received $3.2 million from in-state donations, including $106,000 from individual Ohioans. Nearly two-thirds of the contributions came from groups and people in Washington, D.C. and California, with other donors hailing from New York, Colorado and Canada.”

Cincinnati Right to Life

Why We Need Issue 1 to Pass in 2023

The following is reprinted from Building Blocks for Liberty.

With all due respect, the arguments that have been made against Issue 1 are either dishonest or uninformed. Or both.
I don’t know why you would call yourself a Republican if you are so against a republican form of government. Go join the democratic socialists. We are a constitutional republic in America, not a democracy. We never were a democracy, and our founders were vehemently against a democracy for our form of government. Thomas Jefferson called it “mob rule”. Ben Franklin compared a democracy to “two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to have for lunch.” They warned us that democracies ALWAYS lead to dictatorship and despotism. We pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands- we are not a democracy and shouldn’t want to be. The Constitution (A4S4) also guarantees that every state will have a republican form of government. There is a big difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. And it is important.
Our Constitution says that in our REPUBLIC, we are governed by elected representatives, not by majority rule. If the legislature doesn’t represent the needs of the people, vote them out and get new representatives. That’s the way our republic is supposed to work. I suppose that if you don’t care about the Constitution and can’t get your duly elected legislature to pass your woke agenda, you would just try to flood the fake media with money and try to deceive the voters into voting for your radical ideas. After all, most voters are shallow and are easily swayed by 140-character tweets or deceptive slogans like “black lives matter,” “the Inflation Reduction Act,” “reproductive freedom,” or “one person, one vote.” We shouldn’t fall for that. Do your homework. The future of Ohio is at stake.
Here are just a couple of examples of what I mean by “deceptive.”
• The coalition against Issue 1 calls themselves: “One Person, One Vote.” What is “one person one vote” supposed to mean? As if every person wouldn’t have an equal vote if Issue 1 was passed. I suppose they are trying to subtly compare it to the 3/5 clause in the Constitution that was nullified by the 13th Amendment. Intentionally deceptive. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you don’t know anything about the U.S. Constitution and you shouldn’t be voting.
• What about the claim that it would be too hard to get another citizen-initiated ballot passed at 60%? The fact is that there are only 9 states, including Ohio, that allow a simple majority vote to pass an amendment. 32 states don’t allow citizen led amendments at all. We are the exception in being so easy, not the rule. It’s also a fact that 15 of the last 20 amendments to the Ohio Constitution passed the voters with more than 60% of the vote. The last three amendments were passed with more than 75% of the vote. If an amendment is worthy, it will be passed at 60%. So that is also ridiculous. Why would someone even say that if they were not trying to deceive you?
Most importantly, a constitution should not be easy to change. Laws can change based on the changing needs and desires of the culture. They can be nullified or replaced as needed. They can be overturned by the courts. A Constitution is meant to be a permanent, structural document, not a backdoor for frivolous or deceptive policies that have no chance in the current, duly elected legislature. Why does the Ohio Constitution specify the address of the Columbus casino?
The U.S. Constitution is much harder to amend. It has only been amended 17 times, after the initial Bill of Rights was ratified by 3/4th of the states in 1791. Notice, that is 75% needed for ratification, not 50%+1. The Ohio Constitution has been amended 10x that many: 174 times since 1803. It has been amended to pass job programs, establish the location of casinos, raise money through bond issues, and even establish standards of care for poultry. I’m not saying that any of these are necessarily bad things, but none of these things belong in a constitution- they are not permanent. They should be laws passed by the duly elected representatives of the people to meet a particular need at a particular time.
What’s next? If we don’t shore up our Constitution to protect our republic, we’ll see a flood of radical amendments… from legalizing drugs, to restrictions on firearms, to elimination of parental consent laws, unrestricted abortion through all nine months, and new green policies that hurt small businesses. Don’t be fooled, this is a radical ploy to go around a non-cooperative legislature.
We need to strengthen our Constitution for all of these reasons. Don’t fall for their deceptive slogans and hyperbole. Do your homework before you vote on August 8th.Vote YES to protect Ohio from the radical left agenda that is sure to follow if we don’t.

Rob Tuttle

Cincinnati Right to Life urges passage of Issue 1

This election cycle, it’s not enough for us to make sure that all like-minded voters participate—every participant must be fully informed. I have never seen so many of our typically liberty-minded individuals so easily led astray by the messaging of opposition…the populist repetition of “one person, one vote,” direct democracy, and the notion of “vote dilution” have been running rampant. This is unfortunately happening among friends who lean libertarian–especially those generally uninvolved with local and state level issues.
So let’s set the record straight.
What is Issue 1? Issue 1 aims to elevate the requirements for amending the constitution. This includes a requirement that petitioners obtain signatures on their initial petition from all the counties in our state instead of half the counties as required right now. Additionally, an amendment will have to obtain a 60% vote, or “supermajority” instead of the current 50% plus one vote “simple majority.”
This election cycle, the term “supermajority” is somewhat misleading to the layperson. Ohio is far from alone in seeking greater security for changing our founding documents–four other states (Arizona, California, Louisiana, Nevada) have enacted a 66% vote requirement for amending the state Constitution.
Three additional states (Delaware, Mississippi, Oregon) have enacted a 60% requirement for amendments to the state Constitution. Just like our nation has a Constitution, each state has one as well. The United States Constitution requires a 2/3 vote (66.66…%) to amend the Constitution–and 2/3 of the states must ratify it. The U.S. has 25 active amendments, 27 if we include the enactment and repeal of Prohibition.
Do you know how many amendments the Ohio Constitution has been burdened with?
172. One hundred and seventy two. Let that sink in. That’s 172 reasons Ohioans have to hire a lawyer to even begin to understand their rights. 172 reasons contributing to why Ohio was once ranked as the 10th longest state constitution in 2012. How did this happen? Those of us who support Issue 1 believe that our procedural process is to blame… Ohio’s low bar for petitioners and election makes our state attractive to out-of-state special interests willing to invest big dollars in influencing policy here. As the familiar adage says, “so goes Ohio, so goes the nation.”
This election cycle is unique, because the November election is inextricably intertwined with the outcome of Issue 1 in August.
And for the first time, the future of abortion in Ohio is interwoven with issues like gender identity ideology and parental rights. This special election has brought together unexpected allies from small business owners, restaurant owners, gun owners, and parent groups. This election, Ohio organizations with no prior involvement in social issues within our state have recognized what is at stake in August and November. I recently was able to uncover the Goliaths looming behind the funding and support of Issue 1 opposition. Say hello to a dense network of statewide unionization, and climate groups, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), along with the usual suspects—the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Protect Choice Ohio, URGE, Equality Ohio, Red Wine and Blue and the League of Women Voters—all united behind an umbrella organization and registered as, “One Person, One Vote” Issue 1 opposition also includes editorial boards of major cosmopolitan newspapers including The Columbus Dispatch and the The Cleveland Plain Dealer –with more likely to jump on board.
This organization leading the Issue 1 opposition is tied to:
● Endorsing organizations Common Cause and Stand Up America, which have both provided financial contributions to the DNC and Democrat congressional committee.
● Advisor organization The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center which describes themselves as “a nationwide movement building infrastructure organization that leverages ballot measures across the United States to…center people of color, queer, low-income, immigrant, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities…and galvanize a new progressive base.”
Issue 1 also faces opposition from the Ohio Democrat Party, which is ironic– seeing as the Ohio Democrat Party Constitution requires a 60% vote to amend as well! Surely our state’s founding document deserves as much protection. Additionally, HJR19 in 2018 was co-sponsored by a Democrat, proposing the same protection as Issue 1.
Do not believe the deception and distraction that Issue 1 is just about abortion. Issue 1 is so much broader than the issue of abortion. This election, we are being called to go beyond abortion if we have any hope of saving lives from its destruction.
This election, we must vote YES in August and NO in November to protect the future of our state.

Rachel Citak, Attorney at Law, President of CRTL

Ohio Citizens PAC urges voting YES on Issue 1

The Ohio Constitution is a mess. It’s filled with legislation that belongs in the Ohio Revised Code. Currently, big money groups from outside Ohio have the ability to finance large scale efforts, meaning millions of dollars of misleading TV Ads, to change the Ohio Constitution with a simple majority vote of the people. This 60 percent rule to protect our constitution should have been put in place decades ago. The Radical Left can’t win elections in Ohio, and now they can’t elect Judges who will implement their radical agenda, so they have changed tactics and they intend to legislate by Constitutional Amendement! If we don’t pass Issue 1 in August and use it to defeat their Anti-Parents Rights, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Trans Mutilation Amendment in November, Ohio will be California within 5 years. First, in November, they are comming for our Children. Next they will be coming for our guns and 2nd Amendment Rights. Then they will go after small businesses by raising the miniumum wage and implementing “prevailing wage” laws. We MUST win Issue 1 on August 8th!

Ohio Citizens PAC

Ohio Gun Owners urges voting YES on Issue 1

Question: What about down the road? What crap will the politicians shove down our throats later if this (Issue One) passes? And is there a difference between the Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised Code?
Answer: Protecting our freedoms from threats “down the road” or from politicians who want to “shove tyranny down our throats” is exactly why Ohio Gun Owners supports passing Issue One and raising the threshold to change the Ohio Constitution from 50% to 60%.
I’d first like to define what the Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised Code are, because it is important to understand their proper roles in order to clearly understand Issue One.
The Ohio Constitution is the foundation of Ohio government and the foundation for all laws in the state of Ohio. It is the bedrock standard that Ohio government must operate in accordance with, all laws must comply with and agree with it, and it supersedes the Ohio Revised Code.
The Ohio Revised Code is the set of laws and statutes passed by the Ohio General Assembly which govern our day-to-day lives and which are enforced by Ohio law enforcement. The Ohio General Assembly is composed of state representatives and state senators elected by the citizens of Ohio, and represent “we the people.”
Article One, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution says that “The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security.”
It is a beautiful statement to have in a constitution.
But one might reasonably ask the question, “so because the Ohio Constitution, which is the highest law in Ohio, says that we have the right to bear arms, does that mean we’ve always had Constitutional Carry?”
The answer is no, and for two main reasons.
The first is that the Ohio Constitution, as a foundational document, is not where the laws governing the carrying of firearms in Ohio are codified.
The laws governing the carrying of firearms are found in the Ohio Revised Code, and these laws are made by the Ohio General Assembly, whom the voters elect.
The second reason why we didn’t have Constitutional Carry (until 2021) in Ohio, even though Article One, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution very clearly allows for it, is because Ohio law enforcement enforces the Ohio Revised Code, not the Ohio Constitution.
I want you to be crystal clear about this, so please forgive me for belaboring this point.
It is clear that ever since the original Ohio Constitution was passed back in 1802, Ohioans have had a constitutional right to carry a concealed handgun.
The Ohio Revised Code, however, did not agree with that “interpretation” of the Ohio Constitution and outlawed the practice of carrying a handgun concealed unless you had a license from the state, so anyone who conceal carried without a license before 2021 and got caught by a police officer was easily arrested, charged and convicted under the law of the Ohio Revised Code.
(Note: Yes, the prohibition on carrying without a license was likely unconstitutional under Article One, Section Four of the Ohio Constitution, but lawsuits challenging such are expensive and were not an option at the time)
That is one of the main reasons I started Ohio Gun Owners.
I wanted the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Constitution to say the same thing so that lawful citizens could carry without the government licensing that right and without being arrested for doing so.
So OGO set out on the path to change the Ohio Revised Code.
We had legislation sponsored, it started picking up momentum, it was passed through both chambers of the Ohio General Assembly, it was signed by the governor of Ohio and officially became law when it was enacted in section 2923.111 of the Ohio Revised Code.
It is still the law today in Ohio because it has not been repealed by a new law, and because it is built on the foundation of Article One, Section Four of the Ohio Constitution.
Another example of this relationship between the Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised Code would be the illegality of murder.
The Ohio Constitution in Article One, Section One says that Ohioans have the rights of “enjoying and defending life and liberty,” but the law stipulating that murder is illegal is found in chapter 2903 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Future Proof
Ohio is in a constant state of change.
Right now, Ohio has a Republican Super Majority in the Ohio General Assembly and Republicans hold every statewide office, including the Governor’s office.
Because of those facts, we’ve made significant progress in passing pro-gun legislation in the General Assembly over the last several years, where passing legislation requires and will continue to require crossing the 50% threshold.
But Ohio has not always had large Republican majorities, and it will likely not always have them in the future.
If or when the Democrats take control of the Ohio General Assembly at some point, they will have the opportunity to change Ohio’s gun laws in the Ohio Revised Code by passing legislation with a simple majority of the votes, just like we have changed Ohio’s gun laws in the Ohio Revised Code by passing legislation with a simple majority of the votes.
None of that will change if Issue One passes.
What will change if Issue One passes is that, by raising the voting threshold from 50% to 60% to change any part of the Ohio Constitution, the bedrock and the foundation of Ohio’s law and system of government will be protected from the radical changes we see happening around us every day.
And that will give our children, our grandchildren and our legacies the maximum opportunity to enjoy the freedoms and liberty you and I have today.

Chris Dorr, Director, OGO

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Recent SCOTUS Decisions

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Colleges can no longer discriminate against people because of the color of their skin or heritage.
With all of the heightened charges of societal racism in recent years, this is certainly a major step in eliminating institutional racism and moving closer to a world envisioned by Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Supreme Court rules against Biden student loan debt scheme

President Biden’s attempt to transfer $430 billion of personal student loans to the national debt has been thwarted. Unless he can come up with another plan, borrowers will be forced to be responsible and fulfill the commitments they made to repay the money they borrowed.
Those borrowers are disappointed that they’ll have to live up to their commitments. Also disappointed, are people with credit card debt, car loans, boat loans, vacation loans, and mortgages who were hoping that President Biden would forgive those loans too.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Colorado graphic designer who refused to create same-sex wedding websites

Religious liberty is the winner here and this case has far reaching implications. For example, it now appears that Muslim caterers won’t be required to serve pork. Furthermore, people of Palestinian descent won’t be required to service Jewish weddings or bar mitzvahs.


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Union Township Update

What can you find at the Union Township Civic Center?

  • US Post Office
  • US Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s office
  • Union Township Zoning office
  • Meeting rooms available for UT residents to reserve
  • Gymnasium available for UT residents to reserve
  • Amphitheater for concerts, plays, and available for UT residents to reserve
  • Farmers Market every Friday from 4 -7 PM through September
  • West Clermont School’s administrative office.
  • Senior Services office
  • Friendly people who serve the public with a smile

Call 513-752-1741 or visit for more information

Union Township welcomes new and growing businesses

Some of the below are pending trustee approval:

  • Children’s Hospital has submitted plans to build in the Ivy Pointe area near TQL. Our concerns have been “healed.”
  • Wawa will be taking over the old Mt. Carmel Kroger location. Rah-rah to Wawa for taking over a shuttered business.
  • Alfaa will be building on an empty lot on the corner of Aicholtz Road and Eastgate Blvd. I’m wondering if they sell alfalfa sprouts?
  • LaRosa’s will be constructing a new location as part of a small strip mall on the corner of SR 32 and Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road on Yates Lane. I expect them to be rolling in dough soon.
  • The old Valero on the corner of Ohio Pike and Bennett Road is under new ownership. They will be tearing down the old building and constructing a new convenience and wine store. The previous condition of the property was certainly something to whine about.
  • Take 5 Oil Change is now open for business on the site of an old shuttered Wendy’s near the corner of Ohio Pike and Nine Mile Road. It was a “slick” move.
  • Biggby Coffee is now open for business and “brewing up” plans for a grand opening on July 31 at their new location in Meijer’s parking lot near the current Chase Bank location.
  • Dirty Dough Cookies is “baking” plans for an August 5 grand opening at their new location near the Cherry Grove Skyline Chili.
  • Popshelf is planning a new location in the Cherry Grove Shopping Plaza. I’m looking forward to “popping” in.
  • Mercy Health Urgent Care will be caring for patients when their new location opens in the Cherry Grove Shopping Plaza. I’ll be “patient” while I await their grand opening.
  • Grocery Outlet is planning a new store in the old Bed, Bath, and Beyond location in the Eastgate Pavilion near Best Buy. They are expecting to “produce” profits.
  • A Hilton Hotel has been perpetually under construction near the Hampton Inn and Meijer’s. They have made certain “accommodations” and residents can “sleep well” knowing that construction has recommenced.
  • Construction is on-going at the Glen Este Chick-fil-A to improve and expand their restaurant and drive through lanes. No more playing “chicken” in the two merging drive through lanes. Now that’s something to “cluck” about.
  • Vandalia Rental is “gearing up” to move into the old Ohio Mulch location on Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road near the Days Inn.
  • Bubbakoo’s is “cooking up” plans to open in the previous Zoup’s location. Construction is nearing completion.
  • Kay Jewelers is looking at a “golden” opportunity to locate a store near Sportsman’s Warehouse.
  • Panda Express is looking to raze the car wash next to the Union Township library and build a new location there. It’s an “appetizing” venture.
  • Honda East will be “shifting gears” to “rev up” sales by expanding their operations in Cherry Grove. They might “tire,” “brake,” and “shock” you, but they are “on a roll.” Wouldn’t it be nice if they offered free samples?
  • Inter Parish Ministry has a food pantry under construction across from Gold Star Chili in Mt. Carmel. It’s expected to be a “full-filling” experience.
  • PetSuites is “grooming” a new location on Old SR 74 next to Office Max. The lot has been cleared and is ready to begin construction.
  • TQL will be adding an additional 1,000 jobs at its sprawling UT campus. The new southern wing will look similar to their recently added northern wing. The project is “trucking” along. “Total Quality” will be a “Logistic” requirement.
  • Kroger has “crushing” plans to demolish Sears and build a new 123,722 square foot Kroger Marketplace store detached from the mall. The store will include a Starbucks, drive through pharmacy, expanded deli, expanded bakery, a Murray Cheese section, sushi, expanded adult beverage section, apparel, home goods, expanded grocery section, and a Kroger fuel center with 18 fuel pumps. The fuel will be on the recently shuttered Wendy’s side of the parking lot. The northeast side of the store will have a parking area for on-line pickup. The current Kroger store on Eastgate Boulevard will likely close in coordination with opening the new Kroger Marketplace store.
  • Outback Steakhouse will be “firing up” a new restaurant near Meijer’s where the old Starbucks and a video store used to be. Construction has begun. The “stakes” could be high and profits are expected to “sizzle.”
  • Chase Bank will be relocating their Eastgate location to Eastgate Blvd near Big Lots. They are hoping to “cash-in” on the move.
  • Taco John’s is planning to build a new restaurant near the Sam’s Club fuel pumps near Steak n Shake. We didn’t “grill” them at the Trustee’s meeting.

Union Township Trustees Meeting Video

July 25, 2023
July 11, 2023
June 22, 2023
June 13, 2023
May 9, 2023
April 25, 2023
April 11 2023
March 14, 2023
February 28, 2023
February 14, 2023
January 10, 2023
January 3, 2023

Event Calendar 

Disclaimer: All events, locations, and times are subject to change.

August 3
Police Night Out from 6 – 9 PM at Veterans Park.

August 4
Farmers Market at the UT Civic Center from 4 – 7 PM.

August 4
Concert: 2nd Wind Band behind the UT Civic Center at 7:30 PM.

August 7
Union Township GOP at UT Civic Center at 7 PM.

August 8
Election Day. Vote YES on Issue 1.

August 8
Zak Morgan Children’s Concert from 2 PM – 3 PM behind the UT Civic Center

August 8
Union Township Trustees meeting at the Civic Center at 6 PM.

August 10
Clermont County GOP special meeting at HQ in Batavia at 7 PM.

August 11
Farmers Market at the UT Civic Center from 4 – 7 PM.

August 12
Concert: High Society Band behind the UT Civic Center at 7:30 PM.

August 14
AMT meeting at the Eastgate Mall food court at 6:30 PM.

August 16
Clermont County GOP meeting at HQ in Batavia at 7 PM.

August 17
Clermont County Township Assn. meeting at Union Township at 6:30 PM

August 18
Farmers Market at the UT Civic Center from 4 – 7 PM.

August 19
Play: Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival – Comedy of Errors behind the UT Civic Center at 7:00 PM.

August 25
Union Township Police charity event at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

August 25
Farmers Market at the UT Civic Center from 4 – 7 PM.

August 26
End of Summer Fireworks.

August 28
Friends of Liberty United (FOLU) at the House of Restoration at 7 PM.

August 29
Union Township Trustees work session at the Civic Center at 6 PM.

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December 29, 2020 – The December issue of The Becker Report (2 minutes)
November 30, 2020 – The November issue of The Becker Report (4 minutes)
November 26, 2020 – Thanksgiving Day update – Private Citizen Affidavits filed/delivered in 20 counties (5 minutes)
November 12, 2020 – Governor DeWine Weaponizing the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (6 minutes)
November 2, 2020 – Vote Trump 2020 (7 minutes)
October 30, 2020 – October issue of The Becker Report (8 minutes)
October 26, 2020 – Becker Calls for the Resignation of AG Dave Yost and Files Motion for Sanctions in Twelfth District (4 minutes)
October 19, 2020 – Update on Impeachment, Private Citizen Affidavits, and Writ of Mandamus Against Governor DeWine (5 minutes)
October 12, 2020 – Columbus Day Part 1 – Election Update – French and Kennedy – Ohio Supreme Court – Shea (5 minutes)
October 12, 2020 – Columbus Day Part 2 – Governor DeWine Review – How did we get to where we are today? (6 minutes)
October 6, 2020 – Writ of Mandamus (8 minutes)
September 30, 2020 – The September issue of The Becker Report (3 minutes)
September 28, 2020 – Private Citizen Affidavit (2 minutes)
September 20, 2020 – Impeachment Update – Is Gov. DeWine Pro-Life? Is HB 272 “feel good” legislation? (12 minutes)
September 13, 2020 – Impeachment Update, with potential criminal charges, against Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (19 minutes)
September 6, 2020 – Impeach DeWine Update (3 minutes)
August 31, 2020 The Becker Report – August 2020 (15 minutes)
August 29, 2020 – State Representative, John Becker speaking at the Unifying Ohio for Liberty rally (22 minutes)
August 27, 2020 – Update on impeachment (16 minutes)
August 24, 2020 – Introduction of the 10 Articles of Impeachment against Governor Mike DeWine (33 minutes)

Becker – Vetted, Tested, and Proven!

“…John Becker, an ‘archconservative’ former state lawmaker from the Cincinnati area…” as described by (February 2021).
“[State Rep. John Becker,] one of Ohio’s most conservative lawmakers…” proclaimed (October 2020).
“Clermont County State Rep. John Becker, one of the most conservative members of the Ohio House…” according to (August 2019).

Becker wins “Sponsor of Liberty” award by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (October 2018).
“Becker has a legitimate claim as the state’s most conservative legislator,” according to The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer (September 2017).
“Rep. John Becker, suburban Cincinnati Republican… [holds] the unofficial title as the General Assembly’s most conservative lawmaker,” proclaimed the Columbus Dispatch (September 2015).
Becker wins prestigious William Wilberforce Leadership Award (April 2015).

“GOP Ohio House freshman Becker is no shrinking violet,” headlined the Columbus Dispatch (December 2014).
“Becker…is arguably the most conservative member of the Ohio House,” said The Cincinnati Enquirer (January 2014).
Ranked as a top tier “most archconservative” by the Columbus Dispatch (September 2013).

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Introduction (38 seconds)Second Amendment (36 seconds)
Taxes (49 seconds)Energy (55 seconds)
Pro-Life (42 seconds)Creation Science and Evolution (42 sec.)
State Government Spending (45 sec.)State Government (37 seconds)

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